How Much Does Medical Cannabis Cost in the UK?

Prescriptions for medical cannabis are issued one month at a time, and the drug can cost anywhere between £2 and £10 per day. The Twenty21 project is currently conducting the largest set of tests in the UK to assess the effectiveness of cannabis for migraine. It is important to note that CBD is not the same as medical cannabis, and should not be used as a substitute for formal treatment prescribed by a doctor.\Bedrocan is a Dutch producer of cannabis flowers, and is the only company in the world that has the capability to produce standardized cannabis (whole, dried flower) with consistent levels of cannabinoids. In the UK, medical cannabis for migraine must be prescribed by a specialist consultant after a thorough consultation to ensure it is suitable for each patient.

Therefore, it is always recommended to buy medicinal CBD products from a trusted source (see The Differences Between Medical and Recreational Cannabis for more information). The cost of medical cannabis can vary greatly in the UK, starting from free if you can get a prescription through the NHS.\Patients who use cannabis illicitly face more than just legal issues; they also have to contend with unknown contaminants and an unpredictable form of medication. Lorna Bland, 57, from Surrey, suffers from fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition, and was one of the first patients in the UK to receive a prescription for medical cannabis. Instead, many patients in the UK are prescribed medical cannabis through private medical cannabis clinics.

These opinions, together with the changing laws on cannabis across the Western world, have paved the way for potential reform.\Sapphire Medical Clinics has recently introduced a new range of medical cannabis which will significantly reduce costs for patients while still maintaining high quality standards as determined by the MHRA. Since medical cannabis medicines are produced by private manufacturers in the United Kingdom, prices may vary between different brands. Prices for medical cannabis or over-the-counter CBD products may also differ depending on location. If you're unsure how much medical cannabis costs, you can search online to find out prices in Australia.

Sarah Knight
Sarah Knight

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