How Much Does a Cannabis Prescription Cost in the UK?

Prescriptions for medical cannabis, including medical strains, are issued one month at a time and the drug can cost anywhere between £2 and £10 per day. The cost of medications will vary depending on the condition and type of medication prescribed. The price of the flower starts at £5 per gram, which is usually prescribed in bags of 10 to 30 g. The price of the oil starts at £30 for a 10 ml bottle. Medical cannabis should be more accessible to patients and should be subsidized by the NHS.

The Twenty21 project is working to create the largest set of tests in the UK on the effectiveness of medical cannabis. Since cannabis medicines are produced by private manufacturers in the United Kingdom, prices can also vary between different brands.

Medical cannabis

is not a weapon in the war on drugs nor does it inspire young children suffering from epilepsy to become terrorists. Instead, many patients in the UK are prescribed medical cannabis through private medical cannabis clinics. Patients have to travel around the world to find the medications they need, using systems that don't stigmatize medical cannabis.

The enormous level of ignorance surrounding medical cannabis has created a significant gap between the number of patients currently benefiting from it and those who are not yet benefiting from it. Firstly, private doctors are not required to report to the NHS bureaucracy, so if they consider medical cannabis to be the best treatment, they can prescribe it directly. However, while CBD is known to have some health benefits, it is not the same as medical cannabis and should not be consumed in place of formal treatment agreed upon by a doctor. The price of medical cannabis can vary widely in the UK, starting with free if you can get a prescription through the NHS. Last month, during a debate in the House of Lords, a colleague refused to distinguish between illegal high-concentration cannabis and medicinal CBD oil, and attributed the use of all types of cannabis to terrorism.

You can request a copy of your prescription and take it to any pharmacy that sells medical cannabis products in the United Kingdom. When starting treatment with medical cannabis, patients are usually prescribed a very low dose, usually less than 0.1 g of flower or 0.1 ml of oil per dose. While the price of medical cannabis is not as high as the tens of thousands of pounds often cited in the press, some patients may still find it difficult to afford this cost. She is managing editor of Cannabis Health, the UK's leading medical cannabis and CBD degree, and sister titles Cannabis Wealth and Psychedelic Health.

Sarah Knight
Sarah Knight

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