Can I Bring Cannabis Into the UK? A Comprehensive Guide

Cannabis is still a banned class B substance in the United Kingdom and it is illegal to bring any form of cannabis to the country without a valid license issued by the Home Office. Any cannabis-based product for human medical use (CBPM) supplied to a patient in the UK, whether oil, flowers or capsules, must be approved and licensed by the Medical Health Agency (MHRA) and the Home Office. The UK's regime for medical cannabis is slowly developing, but medical recognition of whats the difference between indica and sativa the cost-benefit argument for medical cannabis is still in its infancy. A survey revealed that 76% of those surveyed would be willing to use medical cannabis if prescribed by a doctor, and 13% plan to ask their doctor or healthcare provider about access to medical cannabis. Some financial institutions in the UK, such as Lloyds of London, have publicly confirmed their participation in the global legal cannabis industry, while others are taking a more conservative approach.

Cannabis laws are contained in the country's Drug Misuse Act 1971, which lists a litany of regulations on cannabis and other drugs. Those unable to afford the high costs of clinic visits may want to consider obtaining the “Cancard”, a credential that can be shown to a police officer if a person has been arrested for possession of cannabis, to indicate that they are using it for medical reasons. It is intended for British people who use medical cannabis to treat an established medical condition recognized by doctors, but who cannot pay the annual registration fee or have not been able to obtain approval. Cannabis and most of its derivative substances (cannabinoids) are controlled class B drugs in the UK under the Drug Misuse Act 1971. It is legal in the UK with a prescription from a specialist doctor, since it does not contain THC, the component of cannabis that actually makes you high.

A medical cannabis study announced in November will test medical cannabis on up to 20,000 patients in the UK over a two-year period, with the aim of persuading the NHS to modify its guidelines and increase the likelihood that doctors will prescribe CBPM for a range of conditions. In the UK, it is still a serious offence to possess, supply, produce, import or export cannabis, except with a license from the Home Office. Northern Ireland was the scene of one of the most important cases related to medical cannabis in the UK. Similarly, offering funding, insurance, banking services or entering into derivative contracts based on legal investments in cannabis abroad could involve the proceeds of crime from the perspective of the UK.

There is currently a lack of consensus on the potential risks of UK anti-money laundering legislation in relation to investment in cannabis. Cannabis is “completely banned” by the Border Force and medical marijuana permits issued abroad will not provide safe passage to the UK. It is important for anyone considering bringing cannabis into Britain to understand all applicable laws and regulations before doing so.

Sarah Knight
Sarah Knight

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